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Up-for-anything apparel made from recycled materials that deliver comfort and function.  (Discounts apply at checkout)

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About Cutter & Buck

Cutter & Buck creates iconic work-from-home, corporate, golf and athleisure apparel for men and women - inclusive of men’s big and tall sizes. Our clothes are perfect for your active lifestyle, with apparel that is engineered for exceptional versatility that effortlessly takes you from work to play. Read more At Cutter & Buck, we share your commitment to sustainability, with our objective of zero air freight, sustainable production, social compliance, and sourcing sustainable materials. Keep the fun going in your everyday favourite sportswear. Our Cutter and Buck shirts, jackets, pants and more are thoughtfully designed with moisture wicking, super-stretch fabric with built in UPF for UV sun protection. Cutter and Buck’s easy to care for garments are built to last - with durable collars, additional spandex, and blended fabrics that are comfortable and stylish. Whether it's Cutter and Buck jackets, polos, shorts, or any of our other dynamic pieces, you can feel confident in your purchase. Start your adventure with Cutter and Buck today.